The Mystery Behind Major Garrett’s Friday Afternoons

What weird thing does NJ Congressional Correspondent Major Garrett do on Friday afternoons?

His boss, Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier, tweeted the following: “Major Garrett’s Friday afternoon tradition makes me, well, dizzy. a good dizzy.”–he wrote in a Friday, April 15 tweet. We asked Fournier about it and he grew all mysterious. “Sorry! Proprietary secret, ;)” he wrote. Garrett was also mum on the matter. “I am responsible for the tradition, not necessarily publicity about the tradition,” he said.

Our Anonymous Tips Box awaits the truth.

In the meantime, we welcome any and all guesses, the more absurd the better. Write us at or to me at Our internal guesses so far include: 1. A giant tea cup ride in the conference room; 2. Spinning in circles just for fun; 3. Performing a perfect swan dive into the Potomac from the Watergate offices.

UPDATE: A reader, Kurtis Marsh, writes in, “Ok it has to be something involving spandex or maybe that is just my Friday tradition.”

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