The New York Times’ Facebook Timeline Goes Back to 1851

The New York Times is feeling awfully nostalgic lately. On Monday it launched a Tumblr for its huge archive of ancient photographs, and today it has updated its Facebook page to include information all the way back to September 18, 1851, when the paper debuted. Known back then as The New-York Daily Times., it was available for one cent.

A few other highlights from the Times’ page:

  • The first Sunday edition was published on April 21, 1861, because of the public’s desire for more news about the Civil War and an ongoing exposĂ© that revealed the ponys used in the Pony Express were actually horses
  • The hyphen was dropped from the paper’s name in 1896
  • The price of a weekday Times skyrockets to two cents in 1918, sparking riots in all 27 streets across the nation
  • In 1942, the first crossword puzzles began appearing. This is also the beginning of the now widely accepted practice of cursing at a newspaper
  • The Times unveils its website in 1996 and doesn’t charge anyone for access, an error it still regrets so please subscribe dammit