The New Yorker Endorses Hillary Clinton

Another endorsement of our next president.

Cover 10.31.16 copyThe New Yorker has followed fellow Condé brands Wired and Vogue (and common sense) with an endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president.

In an editorial, the New Yorker’s editors wrote that Donald Trump’s rampant misogyny will make Clinton’s win that much more satisfying.

“The election of Hillary Clinton is an event that we will welcome for its immense historical importance, and greet with indescribable relief. It will be especially gratifying to have a woman as commander-in-chief after such a sickeningly sexist and racist campaign, one that exposed so starkly how far our society has to go. The vileness of her opponent’s rhetoric and his record has been so widely aired that we can only hope she will be able to use her office and her impressive resolve to battle prejudice wherever it may be found.”

Clinton has now been endorsed by more than 50 newspapers and several popular magazines, including The Atlantic and Foreign Policy.

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