The New Yorker Is Ad Age’s Magazine of the Year

David Remnick is Editor of The Year and Lisa Hughes is Publisher of The Year.

Ad Age thinks quite highly of The New Yorker.

Not only is The New Yorker Ad Age’s Magazine of The Year, New Yorker editor David Remnick is Editor of the Year and New Yorker publisher Lisa Hughes is Publisher of the Year.

In an interview with Ad Age, Remnick said Donald Trump’s ascension into the White House makes Remnick’s job more important than ever.

“We have a particular role in this society and in this democracy and it’s to be fair, and pursue the truth energetically and, above all, fearlessly,” said Remnick. “And the biggest job that a democracy provides the press — and you are not always loved for doing it — is to put pressure on power. I know a lot of people read The New Yorker hoping for diversion, for relief, for fun, for comedy, and that won’t stop. I’m not turning the magazine into something it was not before. But when it comes to these central issues, we just have to redouble our efforts to be as tireless and fearless as we hope ourselves to be.”

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