The Number 1 Social Network Used In-flight is…

Gogo provides in-flight WiFi service for several of the major airlines in the U.S. So, if anyone knows about what and how WiFi is used in the air, it is Gogo. And, their data provides a few surprises among the more expected results.

How Travelers Use In-Flight Wi-Fi [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s take a look at Gogo’s data that supports what most of us would have already guessed:

The most used social network in the air is Facebook followed by Twitter, Linkedin and Foursquare. Pure work use over in-flight WiFi is claimed by just 6% of those surveyed while 27% report using it only for play. The majority of people, 67%, use WiFi for a mix of work and play. Notebook computers account for 42% of the mobile devices in use followed by netbooks at 26%, tablets at 23% and smartphones at 9%. Despite the collapse of the netbook market, those already purchased appear to be getting good use in the air.

As for the surprises? Despite Android’s dominance in smartphone marketshare, iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) accounts for 78% of mobile devices on Gogo’s WiFi network with Android accounting for 15%. BlackBerry OS accounts for a mere 4%. The tablet story belongs in the unsurprising category, but the difference between iPad and Android tablet use may support reports of tiny numbers of Android tablets actually purchased (vs. shipped). 96.8% of tablets in use in the air are iPads with Android tablets accounting for a mere 3.2%.

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