The Observer Analyzes Tweets by Restaurant That Fattens Media Heavyweights

For years now, FishbowlNY’s very own Diane Clehane has been delivering a comprehensive weekly snapshot of the goings-on at high-end media eatery Michael’s. But much as the Obama administration has seized the Web in an effort to circumvent traditional media outlets, so too has Michael’s lately taken to Twitter to control its own narrative, barking out the names of its celebrity/mogul guests 140 characters at a time. To reinject the vaunted institution of media reporting back into the conversation, the Observer has helpfully broken down the stats from the Michael’s Twitter page.

According to the salmon newspaper’s calculations, New York social diarist David Patrick Columbia and “<a href="fiercely private” Simon & Schuster editorial director Alice Mayhew dominate the scene, with 31 and 28 respective visits since Michael’s took to Twitter. Barry Diller (seven visits), Charlie Rose (six) and Tina Brown (three), arguably the biggest fish on the list, have been relegated to the Observer‘s “Honorable Mention” category.

Michaels’ owner says all the high-profile tweeting is on the up-and-up, the Observer reports:

Michael McCarty, the restaurant’s owner, said the tweeting duties go to the hostess or maitre d’. He also said there have been “very rare” instances where people specifically requested not to be on the Twitter feed. “You don’t come to Michael’s to hide,” he said.