The One Requirement You Have to Fulfill During Each & Every Job Interview

When we read this post by Dave Kerpen on LinkedIn, we couldn’t be more in agreement. After interviewing a stellar candidate who seemed to have it all — “infectious personality and seemingly, a great work ethic” — he could not consider hiring her.

What went wrong? After all, she dressed for success, answered questions well and seemed like a perfect fit. According to Kerpen, the author of Likeable Business and Likeable Social Media, she blew it when he asked what questions she had and the answer was simply, “None, really. I’ve been following you guys online for awhile and feel like I know everything already.”This was a bold move and much to her demise, not the right one to make.  In the piece, he writes, “By not asking questions, she told me she wasn’t truly interested in learning more, in creating value, and in our company. I couldn’t hire an otherwise very-well-qualified candidate because, in her lack of questions, she displayed a lack of passion for, interest in, and curiosity about our company and the position.”

If you really want to be taken seriously, ask insightful questions. Even if you think you already know everything about the company, don’t express it. Concoct a question and make the most out of the interview by asking about the company and opportunity. Channel your inner journalism skills: We’re inquisitive and hungry for knowledge. Leverage the opportunity to ask away!

Taking it one step further, use the opportunity to ask great questions. Instead of asking questions you already know the answers to such as responsibilities of the job, ask the recruiter and/or hiring manager what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Ask how performance is measured, how the work will contribute to the organization as a whole in addition to a specific department, and where the department will be in three to five years.

Above all, Karpen says, “Ask questions that demonstrate genuine interest in the organization and how you can fit in to their success.”