The Onion’s Baratunde Thurston On Why Media Pros Should Diversify

Like many media professionals these days, Baratunde Thurston wears many hats.

He has been with The Onion for more than two years as Web and politics editor, recently hosted a show on the Science Channel, “Popular Science’s Future Of,” and has a forthcoming book called How To Be Black. Did we mention he also does stand-up comedy?

“It all feeds itself,” he said in the second installment of our Media Beat interview.

“My own comedy benefits just from being around super funny people at The Onion. I get to test out some of the technology and social media ideas I have at a relatively large news organization, fake though it may be, and the stuff I learn out in the tech world I’m able to bring back into my world at The Onion and see if we can kill it there. So I don’t see much of a conflict, it’s actually pretty complementary.”

In fact, “having more than one skill,” Thurston said, “is just a reasonable decision of investment of your time and your talent.”

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