The Oscars On Twitter: 18,718 Tweets-Per-Second Record, But Dwarfed By Grammys

Some moments of the Oscars last night promoted a barrage of tweets, but the event was a pretty tame affair overall, according to Twitter.

There was no big drama, no crazy stunts, no acceptance speech that was embarrassingly long… which may be why the Oscars failed to compare to this year’s Grammys or Super Bowl in terms of the volume of tweets it inspired.

Tweetreach tracked over 2 million tweets about the Oscars last night between 8:30pm and 11:30pm.

And the single most-loved moment of the Oscars on Twitter? The Cirque du Soleil performance, whose acrobats and dancers pleased Twitter so much that they got the biggest spike in tweets-per-second during the show: 18,718.

And as a side note, Twitter itself claims that “Undefeated” winning Best Documentary Feature was the most-tweeted Oscar moment, although they don’t share any stats or reveal the volume of tweets this moment apparently received:

According to TweetReach, the movie that got the most total tweets was Hugo, as it swept Best Visual Effects, Cinematography and three other awards. It got a total of 110,179 tweets.

The analytics company has prepared at full list of the top 10 Twitter Oscar moments on their blog, which you can check out here.

Compared to last year, this year’s Oscars were quite a big Twitter affair. TweetReach calculated just 1.27 million total tweets last year compared to over 2 million this year, and a spike of 11,780 tweets-per-second, 7,000 less than this year’s Cirque performance.

However, if you compare the Oscars to other notable TV events like the Grammys and the Super Bowl, the star-studded silver screen affair comes up notably short. AllThingsD cites stats from social TV tracker Bluefin Labs which counted over 12 million social comments for the Super Bowl and 13 million for the Grammys.

(Image courtesy of Academy Award official site)

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