The Plain Dealer in Cleveland Fights to Stay Afloat With Public Plea

According to The New York Times, the staff at The Plain Dealer in Cleveland started a campaign to bolster community support to stay afloat. From the looks of it, they’re pretty successful!

In order to prevent staff cuts and simply keep their daily newspaper in print, Local 1 of the Newspaper Guild donated money to help produce a television commercial to rally the troops. A grant from the Communications Workers of America helped fund the commercial as well.

Their Facebook page already has 4,200 likes and celebs such as Valerie Bertinelli from Hot in Cleveland are supporting the cause as well. Heck, there’s even a party this Thursday night at the Market Garden Brewery for the cause!

The petition boasts over 6,200 signatures and an excerpt reads, “This isn’t just about jobs. Sure, we want to keep ours. But what we really want to maintain is a vibrant, committed newspaper. Cleveland needs that, and deserves it.”

In the Times piece, John Mangels, science writer, explained, “We’ve been surprised and gratified and really humbled by the amount of response we’ve gotten.”

As for whether or not these efforts will be enough to keep the newspaper alive, that remains to be seen. As indicated in the piece, their weekday circulation decreased by 19 percent during the past decade.