The Pocketbook 360 Can Play Doom 2

There’s an old question in gadget circles that appears to have died out. Whenever a new gadget shows up, someone will ask if it can play Doom (a 15 year old video game).

You never ask this question about gaming devices, only unusual items like phones, PDAs, and the like. This was something of a joke, but it often inspired hackers to port a version of Doom to any new device. The question died out because most new gadgets like smartphones can play Doom, so asking the question had no point anymore. Until now.

A Russian developer has ported Doom 2 to the Pocketbook 360 Plus, which is based on a 5″ E-ink screen. This looks like an early attempt, but it seems to have worked out okay. The screen refresh rate is almost fast enough to make it possible to really play the game.