The PR Campaign That Cost $0

The group blog Ici et here, managed by the owners of organic food business Fait Ici in Quebec, cost nothing but time, and got the business a double dose of traffic, media placement, and an increase in sales.

PRDaily looks at how they did it: Jackson Wightman, the co-owner, selected a diverse group of people willing to contribute just one blog post for free. They also didn’t ask for a specific topic as long as the blog fit into food and Montreal somehow.

This is a much less tough sell than asking for a long-term relationship and it allowed the blog to pursue a big variety that included, in Wightman’s words, “chefs, local food bloggers, journalists, a Hollywood actress, a New York Times bestselling author, and even my mom and dad. “

The other plus: most of the bloggers now have established relationships with the store: they are Facebook fans and Twitter followers. “They’ve also come by the shop, spent money, and talked about the guest-blogging experience positively. Good signs.”

And all for a cost of…free. Well done, folks.