The Price of Access to the (Female) Tech World Is $850 Per Year

Seems like a reasonable fee to join blogger/lawyer/influencer Rachel Sklar‘s mailing list, no?

We thought so, but Valleywag editor Sam Biddle remains skeptical and wonders whether Sklar is monetizing a “(free to operate) Google Groups clique”, aka her almost exclusively female web of contacts within the tech industry.

The story arose after someone leaked an email from the group, known as ““, which offers paid members varied levels of access to other members along with its acclaimed newsletter.

The email itself describes the group as a “paid, invite-only membership network of the smartest, most successful women in tech and media (around the world!)”. Also:

“Membership in is meant to provide practical resources to build your business, grow your brand, increase your visibility, and establish a valuable, long-lasting network…featuring 500 of the most powerful women in tech and media”

Members get a profile and everything. It sounds like Muck Rack for women in tech, and we really don’t think it’s a big deal. In fact, we’re experiencing a little bit of FOMO as we write this post. So…does in anyone in tech PR belong to this list? Is it worth the investment? (It’s OK, we know you won’t respond. NBD.)

Oh, and here’s the best line from the email:

“Geraldo called us ‘brilliant’ and ‘awesome.'”

Mic. Dropped.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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