The PRNewser Staff’s Favorite Stories of the Year

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Just kidding. Everyone knows that traffic does not necessarily equal quality, right?

The PRNewser staff wrote more than 2,360 posts for this site in 2013, and some of our personal favorites didn’t quite make the year-end top 26 list. In order to put a little spin on the classic clickbait rankings story, we asked everyone who wrote for us regularly this year to pick three faves that didn’t appear on the top traffic list.

We hope you’ll enjoy our 2013 refresher. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Nancy Lazarus

1. Project SUBWAY Contest Serves Fashionable Menu of Designer Dresses

2. The Latest on DOGTV, the Cable Channel for Canines

3. 9 Pointers for Building Branded Blogs

James F. Thompson

1. Paris Tourism Board Asks French People to Be Nicer to Tourists

2. Maker’s Mark Miracle: the Best PR Disaster Ever Engineered

3. Burger King Launches Best PR Strategy Ever Witnessed by the Human Race

Tonya Garcia

1. NYT Editor Abramson: There’s a ‘Skeptical Relationship’ Between Reporters and PR

2. Sexy Pizza Is the Last Straw! Have We Reached the End of the Skimpy Costume Trend?

3. Cinnabon Takes a ‘Gut Bomb’ and Turns It into Lemonade

Shawn Paul Wood

1. 10 More Things PR Professionals ‘Love’

2. Top 5 PR Myths to Debunk in 2014

3. Yahoo Says PR Is Replacing Journalists. Wait, What?

Elizabeth Mitchell

1. Ode to KFC: Poetry Contest Doubles as Damage Control in China

2. Unpaid Freelancer Replaces Client’s Website with Angry Letter

3. Children’s Response to Interracial Cheerios Commercial Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Patrick Coffee

1. 10 Reasons Why Pope Francis Is the Patron Saint of PR

2. 11 PR Lessons We Learned from Banksy

3. North Korea Announces Execution with the Craziest Press Release You Will Ever Read

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