The Sporting News Folds Regular Print Edition After 126 Years

First Newsweek, and now The Sporting News. Starting in January, the regular print version of The Sporting News — which has been published since 1886 — will be no more.

According to a note from publisher Jeff Price and editor-in-chief Garry Howard, the Sporting News will go all digital beginning January 1, 2013. It will, however, continue to publish six yearbook sport-specifiic previews each year. Those will be available for purchase at newsstands.

In the note to readers, Price and Howard explained that the move to stop printing the magazine was an unfortunate, but necessary change:

Having spoken with many of our longtime subscribers, we recognize this is not a popular decision among our most loyal fans. Unfortunately, neither our subscriber base nor the current advertising market for print would allow us to operate a profitable print business going forward.

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