The Story of the Lost iPhone 4 Prototype

A guy walks into a bar…it happens that he’s an Apple engineer and that in his pocket is a prototype of the next iPhone. So he’s in this bar, drinking away, posting stuff from this secret phone to his Facebook page. Then he gets up to go to the men’s room, or maybe he gets up to leave, and there on his stool sits this important phone, though it’s disguised to look like an iPhone 3GS. The guy who was sitting next to the Apple engineer picks the phone up, tries to find its owner, can’t, ends up bringing the phone home, fulling intending to return it. Then, in the morning, he notices that this is not an iPhone 3GS–it’s got an extra camera on it, more buttons, a flat back. He tries to call Apple, but can’t get through. Eventually, he ends up selling the phone to Gawker, parent company of the gadget blog Gizmodo, for $5,000, and now the tech-blogs are a buzz about it.

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