The Streamys Supplemental: ‘Celebrate the Web’

The second annual Streamy Awards last Sunday, as we have reported was a disaster. Unfunny was the least of the charges. Offensive and horrible was the median complaint. And the jokes still weren’t enough to overshadow the disastrous technical failures. So unlike, say Toyota that would just go after the reporters of bad news, Michael Wayne the Chair, Board of Directors The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) that picks the winners apologized for the Streamy ceremony. As did the co-producer.

That’s how bad it was. So bad those responsible couldn’t even get defensive about it.

So when the web community feels teed off what to they do? Take their proverbial page views somewheres else. Meet “Celebrate the Web” the sold out ceremony yesterday at the Acme Theater in Hollywood. Most of the winners were able to attend, those who couldn’t made a web video and judging from the UStream posted above, it was way more like last year’s simple, PG-rated show.

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