The Swimming Pool Industry Is Trying To Convince Us Their Product Will Save Water


With drought conditions dangerously persistent in California, the state is taking steps to conserve water. According to the pool and spa industry in that state, one of the measures that ordinary people should take is taking a dip in their swimming pool.

Says the AP:

As residents struggle to cut waste at the tap, the California Pool and Spa Association is lobbying water districts to quash proposed bans on filling pools and spas. The industry cites an in-house study that found that a standard-sized pool, plus decking, uses one-third the amount of water as an irrigated lawn after an initial fill.

“We’re not saying, ‘Solve the drought, put in a pool,’ but the bottom line is people who put in a pool are making a decision to do something more water efficient with their backyard. They’re saving water,” said John Norwood, the California Pool and Spa Association’s president. “Pools are landscaping.”

Some water conservation experts question the pool industry’s math and say, at best, residential pools and lawns use roughly the same amount of water after an initial fill.

This is ridiculous.

Word to the wise pool industry people: Delete any talking points that suggest water conservation efforts benefit from people using tons of gallons of water to fill up their backyard pools. Even if there were any truth to this math, there are better ways to save water. Like not using it to fill a pool or water a lawn. Rock gardens are nice. And so are cactus plants.

In fact, it might be best to also revamp whatever site this Gizmodo post is talking about that says people should not splash in the pool to cut down on water use. If it’s not logical, it shouldn’t be part of your messaging.