The Teleprompter is Alive


In what is among the strangest, most absurdly detailed Pool Reports we’ve seen in a year and a half is this one from The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro from President Obama‘s education speech at an area high school this afternoon.

We hope you’re, um, seated. (Pssst…don’t feel badly if you get lost around the third seating area.) The video cameras double for monsters. And that teleprompter? It’s alive and well, plural — and present.

“1.30 pm.

Two flights up to an old gym at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, we see aan dueicen that consists of Roughly 60 kids and adults sitting behind the podium. 14 rows of adults sitting in front of the podium. each row has roughly 25 people, split evenly between adults and teens. A third seating area, comprised of four bleachers, each with roughly 20 adults and students apiece, was placed to the right of the stage, or to the left of the speaker. That’s roughly 500 people, evenly split between adults and teens.  A four set of bleachers, with another 20 people, was also on the left.  At least seven videocameras watch from from behind the main floor. The crowd was overwhelmingly African-American.  The temperature rose rapidly, and people were fanning themselves even before the president appeared.  The teleprompter were present.”

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