The Terrible Economy Might Be Good For Jobseekers

Call us a Pollyanna, but we just need to believe headhunter Skip Freeman’s take on why the dismal economic news is actually good for jobseekers.

See, the way Freeman sees it, ever since the recession began, a lot of people have made plans to leave their jobs “as soon as the job market gets better.”

With the dismal news on Wall Street etc., many of those people are probably deciding to wait it out. As Freeman says, “for the time being at least, with the exodus—temporary though it may prove to be—of a sizable segment of currently employed people from the job market, the ranks of job seekers have been substantially thinned. That means that for those job seekers who are bold enough, courageous enough, and who can effectively brand themselves as being among “the best of the best” job candidates, the job hunt just got a little bit easier!”

Also, Freeman says, the bad economic news hasn’t yet impacted hiring. “In the last 60 days, only three of the 40+ positions we are currently working on have been put on hold. Only one is due to the company wanting to take a “wait and see” attitude on the economy. The other two are on hold now due to a merger,” he writes.

So, is this attitude impossibly optimistic? Maybe, but when things are as bad as they’ve been, we’ll take optimism where we can get it.