The Top 25 MySpace Games for April 2010

This past month looked good for social game developers on MySpace, with a more positive set of numbers than its Facebook counterpart — there was only one drop in new user installs towards the tail end of the charts. In fact, March even made way for a new contender, Green Spot from WonderHill, at #24. One reason for across-the-board growth may have been core interface changes the company introduced over the course of the month, highlighting games to its user base.

That said, however, many readers may have noticed the long running Zynga title, YoVille is currently absent from the list. Don’t worry, the game is still around, and is actually around #7 within MySpace’s app gallery. However, there are, at the moment, no visible metrics to report either from within the gallery or the app’s homepage. Whether or not this is due to something on MySpace’s or Zynga’s part remains unclear, but for accuracy’s sake, we’ll keep it out of this until the data is accessible again.

Note: Core changes or not, MySpace has always been the more difficult of the two major social network platforms to track, as we can only see the number of new installations from the app gallery. Unfortunately, MySpace recently decided to remove that as well, forcing users curious about the popularity of a game, to visit its profile page. The developer analytics are getting better, however, and we expect the company will continue making data more easily available.

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 MySpace Games for April of 2010:

  • It has been over 12 months since we first started tracking MySpace games monthly, and even now, being the bad guys is still the most popular. The long running mafia titles of Mobsters and Mafia Wars remain at #1 and #2 with roughly 14.5 million and 13.2 million total installs.
  • Behind mafias comes proof that simplicity, especially in social applications, is always a good choice as Playdom‘s compilation of funny, user-generated Bumper Stickers rounds out the top three with 12,649,647 monthly installations.
  • For the first time in a long time, BitRhymes title Cheers!! becomes visible within the app gallery once again with over 5.1 million installs. It comes in at #9, showing that even a virtual drink can be a good one.
  • As for our collective of various role-playing games, it seems action and violence beat out romance and socialites as Zynga’s Vampires (4.9 million) and Street Racing (4.7 million) take the #10 and #11 spots over Playdom’s Kiss Me (4.1 million) and Sorority Life (3.6 million).
  • Another title from BitRhymes, Whats my Impression on friends, gained over 100,000 new players this past month, moving up from #18 to #17.
  • Action and violence doesn’t always win as relative newcomer to the charts, Oxylabs‘ title PhotoBuzz moves up from #21 to #18 with a gain of 111,909 monthly installations to beat out Gang Wars.
  • Dragon Wars was also beat out by Oxylabs’ other title, What is your Street Reputation, which moved up from #24 to #20.
  • And finally, WonderHill’s Green Spot makes an appearance with just over 1.7 million installations this month and comes in at #24.