The Top Ten Things Interviewers Do To Piss You Off, And Why You Can’t Do Anything About It

Yes, yes, you should be grateful to have a job interview in this economy, blah blah blah, but that doesn’t mean you should be grateful to be treated like dirt.

So says Jane Turkewitz at Let’s Talk Turkey. In her latest post she covers all the rude things you might encounter—none of which should be unfamiliar to jobseekers—and what you can do about these issues.

Unfortunately, most of the solutions are along the lines of “just walk away”—pragmatic, yes, but it doesn’t feel as good as telling the interviewer off.

For example, if you don’t hear back from a company you interviewed with multiple times and you followed up multiple times (three “at the very most”)…write ’em off, Jane says.

If a recruiter says s/he’ll forward your resume and then you never hear back, it’s likely because the client passed and the recruiter didn’t have the courage to tell you. Your solution? Don’t work with that recruiter anymore.

If you’re interviewing with someone incredibly rude (a Crackberry addict, an interviewer who’s late, etc), it’s probably not a good idea to flat-out ask that person to be less rude. Though you can certainly pull out your own phone before the interview and make a show of turning it off, hoping to shame the interviewer into doing the same. But in general, if you’re interviewing with a rude person, the best thing to do is learn whether you’ll be working closely with that person and decide whether you can stand him.

We hate to be flippant, because this is serious stuff, but it does underscore the fact that jobseekers hold none of the cards in this economy.

Though if we were to go Pollyanna on you, we’d say that the power of refusal—the one ace in your hole—may be the most powerful tactic of all.