The US Has The Most Twitter Users, But The Netherlands Is More Active [STATS]

It stands to reason that the United States, the birth-country of Twitter, would be the number one in terms of users. And it is. By far. But new stats have been unveiled that suggest that numbers don’t mean everything, and that the US is actually behind the Netherlands (and two other countries) in terms of how often they tweet.

Semiocast examined the geolocation data built into Twitter accounts (including time zones, language, GPS coordinates and declared location), and determined how many users various countries currently boast, and how active these users are on the network.

The US is the leader in terms of sheer numbers. Its 107.7 million accounts puts it miles ahead of second place Brazil’s 33.3 million and third place Japan’s 29.9 million. This means that the US represents 28.1 percent of all Twitter users.

In December 2011, just under 6 million new Twitter accounts were created in the US alone – a pretty big number, and one I’m surprised Twitter itself doesn’t tout.

However, numbers don’t mean much on a social network if no one’s being social (just ask MySpace).

And while the US might be top dog when it comes to the number of accounts, it’s fourth in terms of activity.

As the chart below depicts, the Netherlands is the most active country on Twitter. 33 percent of accounts located in the Netherlands posted at least one publicly visible tweet between September 1st 2011 and November 30th 2011 (so this metric isn’t exactly the standard monthly active users). After the Netherlands comes Japan with 30 percent, Spain with 29 percent, and the US barely making a four-way tie with Indonesia, Cenezuela and Canada at 28 percent.

Other interesting stats to come out of Semiocast‘s findings?

Although Brazil has more accounts than Japan, there are more messages coming from Japanese accounts. And Japanese is the second most used language on Twitter, following English.

The global average of accounts that are active (or those that have tweeted at least once in three months) is only 27 percent – which would indicate that less than a third of Twitter’s total accounts actually actively use the service.

(Top image: 3d brained via Shutterstock)