The Value of SXSWi: Selection

We don’t normally post comments but this one was too good to pass up. Responding to a post on Webnewser sibling blog PRNewser, Mediabistro Community Manager Seamus Condron writes:

“There is a lot of noise and bullshit at SXSW, but that’s true with any enormous event or enormous collection of data,” said Condron. “What’s true for content online is true for offline: you need to work hard and make decisions regarding what you choose to consume. This morning I walked out on three panels (note I said panels, and not core conversations or keynotes). I was frustrated to say the least, but I just got back from a keynote by Danah Boyd on privacy, and it was phenomenal. It made up for my shitty morning of ‘experts.’

The story Condron was responding to was a quick bite about PepsiCo Digital Director B. Bonin Bough’s remark regarding South by. “People just don’t understand the event,” he said. “This is the Davos of digital…the reason why we’re here is this is the center of new thinking in this space.”

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