The Vast Majority of Americans Did Not Watch Jeff Dunham’s Show Debut

Yes, but 7.9 million did. Yes, 7.9 million presumably people watched a man play with puppets for 30-minutes plus commercial breaks. Yes, Jeff Dunham, ventriloquist with his own Comedy Central show just broke their ratings record for a show premier according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Great, now puppet acts, even kind of hacky creepy puppet acts are back. When Larry the Cable Guy hit it big suddenly comedy clubs around the country were flooded with audition tapes from acts like Joey the Pirate, Bill the Mortician and Gabe the Big Rig Mechanic.

So now the “you have your hand up my back side” joke will be an American mainstay for the next decade. You’ve done this to yourselves people. You get the mediocrity you deserve.