The Walking Dead, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Arrested Development, more among this week’s top PTAT gainers for TV shows

The Walking Dead is this week’s most talked about page for TV shows. The page has been popular consistently, earning the same title last February. The page is the top PTAT gainer in its category, receiving almost 1.4 million engagements over the last week, an increase by over 40,000 compared to the prior week.

This list of top gaining TV pages in the PTAT metric is compiled with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    The Walking Dead 2,430,609 0 +1,394,155
2    The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1,991,290 +80,404 +1,012,053
3    Kristi’s Kids 730,562 +364,175 +730,457
4    Arrested Development 612,768 +6,622 +607,117
5    SpongeBob SquarePants 711,895 +32,402 +314,797
6    Game of Thrones 687,247 -10,696 +291,347
7    12 News 325,149 +58,826 +288,120
8    Doctor Who 396,168 -149,881 +196,392
9    Mad Men 360,840 +23,347 +180,348
10    General Hospital 333,835 0 +166,691

Out of the top 10, two pages are region specific. Kristi’s Kids and 12 News are news programs that are based out of Arizona and have broken the top 10 list by going viral. By looking at the graph below, you can see that 12 News has seen a PTAT increase of 783,624 engagements over the span of four days.

As a news broadcast, the page’s strategy revolves around reporting breaking news and building engagement from there. It posts multiple stories a day, publishing 37 posts in the last week. Though the most rapid increase in engagement took place a few weeks ago, the page is slowing building back up to similar numbers.

In contrast to 12 News’s consistency, Kristi’s Kids saw almost all of its engagement from a single post. With only 3,536 page Likes, the page earned almost 200 times as many engagements as actual page Likes. The single story earned over 614,079 people Likes, 12,978 comments and 24,796 shares. The post might have been shared by a huge influencer and picked up from there.

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