The Wall Street Journal Launches Facebook App

Since people spend so much time on Facebook, The Wall Street Journal is taking the paper to them with the launch of WSJ Social. The app exists within the walls of the social network and allows people to share, comment and view the Journal’s content without ever leaving their Farmville farms behind.

“We’re breaking the mold of using Facebook simply to drive traffic to our websites and are now creating an opportunity to engage with the Journal directly on the Facebook platform,” explained Alisa Bowen, General Manager of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

The first month is free, after that the mix of breaking news, blogs, columns, and analysis will include some subscriber only items. To make the app as social as possible, people are their own editors and can pick other editors to follow. When a person shares a story, it shows up in the WSJ Social app for their followers, much like Twitter. To provoke people to share as much as possible, users who have the most followers are given a spot at the top of the app.

WSJ Social is a smart move by the paper to try and capitalize on Facebook traffic, but we’re skeptical that people who read the Journal are the same people who refuse to leave their electronic turnips.

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