The Washington Post Is Creating a New Branded Content Offering With Customizable Post Cards

We assume the pun is intended.

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

The Washington Post’s Research, Experimentation and Development (RED) team is seeking to merge, in part, the dichotomized approach to programmatic and branded content with the introduction of a new product called Post Cards.

As Jarrod Dicker, WaPo’s head of ad product and technology, explains in a post, Post Cards is “an industry-first technology that breaks down an immersive piece of branded content into its multimedia components.” Those components include infographics, video, text and photo galleries, which can all be turned into standalone units that are then targeted to individuals using available data on their content preferences.

The product is also a shift away from a model of success judged solely by the number of clicks a campaign generates. “Clicks can be a barrier to entry for users to engage with brands through advertising,” Dicker writes, “which is why Post Cards offer both in-unit consumption and click through. Each Post Card creates a customized user experience that allows readers to consume their preferred multimedia format directly on the page, then drives to the longer immersive feature.”

The offering represents a change in focus for the team, which devoted its energies last year to improving the speed of the advertising experience.

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