The Washington Post Will Now Cover Breaking News for Snapchat’s Discover Channel

The newspaper continues to gain momentum

The Post gets a prime slot on the buzzy app. - Credit by The Washington Post
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Twitter has, for years now, owned the breaking news space when it comes to digital platforms. Meanwhile, Snapchat, with its 160 million daily users, has been more known for personal messaging and buzzy content from sources ranging from Daily Mail and BuzzFeed to CNN and National Geographic.

Today, Snapchat is getting more newsy, inking a deal with The Washington Post, which will be the first publisher to post several times a day within the app’s Discover channel for users in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. The Post plans to utilize the app’s visually-minded platform with “experiential storytelling,” according to an online story from the paper.

“We’re excited to be the most up-to-date news source on Discover, publishing important and interesting content that Snapchatters can engage with,” Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, managing editor for The Post, said in a statement. “As we invest more in the platform, we look forward to growing an even larger audience.”

The endeavor began this morning, including a Q&A with President Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway and a piece on the White House’s immigration travel ban. Evidently, there will be content added by the hour from the newspaper, which will join around 40 other publications on Discover. When Snapchatters open their app today, they’ll see the Post as their first content option.

“With news breaking out of Washington at a faster pace than ever, we’re thrilled that Snapchatters will now have access to The Washington Post’s expansive political coverage through multiple news updates daily,” said Nick Bell, vp of content for Snap Inc., Snapchat’s parent company.

The Post, meanwhile, has distinguished itself in recent months, thanks to largely owning original reporting around the 2016 presidential election and Trump’s transition into the Oval Office. Adweek named it 2016 digital publication of the year, in fact.

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