In Praise of White House Correspondents

Today’s White House Correspondents are not lapdogs, but in the past, that’s exactly what they were. So says White House Correspondent Paul Brandus in a column for The Week published this morning.

An excerpt:

Conservatives often like to say that White House reporters (who often work for big, conservative companies like News Corp., Time Warner, and Disney) are liberals who just pass along whatever they are spoonfed by Team Obama. In this view, it’s all a big love fest between journalists and the president down the hall.

They ask why the “liberal media” ignored the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Somehow these critics missed the 800+ articles that The Washington Post and New York Times alone have run on the story.

The past tells a different story.

From Brandus’ story:

…As the Monica Lewinsky scandal showed, reporters today simply won’t turn a blind eye to a philandering president. In the 1960s, the press corps did exactly that with John F. Kennedy. While in office, it’s believed he slept with a woman who also slept with two Mafia bosses; it’s also believed that another mistress was an East German spy. Think a White House reporter would ignore a bombshell like that today?

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