The Week Presents Their 7th Annual Opinion Awards, With Special Guest Rahm Emanuel

Tonight, weekly news magazine The Week will dole out its 7th annual Opinion Awards. This year’s winners include Jonathon Chait, of The New Republic, as best columnist; the Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein as best blogger; and Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as best cartoonist.

The awards will be presented in Washington, D.C. with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (known also as Rahm MOTHEREFFING Emanuel) as special guest.

The Week is offering a live webcast of Emanuel’s remarks (beginning at 7 p.m.) and the award ceremony itself, as well coverage of their panel on “Battle for the Soul of a Party.” Interested readers can view this all right on over here.

Bill Falk, The Week‘s editor in chief, had lovely things to say about winner Jonathan Chait’s work. He particularly likes that he’s not afraid to dip his toes in the absurd every so often:

Jonathan Chait’s writing has two rare qualities that are rarer still when found in combination: a razor-sharp ability to cut through complexity and a fine sense of the absurd. Whether the topic is something as dry as Keynesian economics or as emotionally loaded as gay marriage, he manages to illuminate the heart of the matter even as he provokes occasional barks of surprised laughter. Both are services for which we readers can be grateful.

On winner Ezra Klein, The Week was impressed that he made bo-riiing stuff cool, even though he is practically a fetus:

Ingesting a historic, 2-foot-high work of legislation and translating it into clear, accessible prose is a great public service. But no policy exists free of politics, and here too, Klein was more than up to the task. He successfully guided readers through the dizzying political machinations, putting the politics in context but keeping the policy in focus – and central. He grabbed hold of one of Washignton’s most slippery stories and never let go. What’s more, this 25 year-old blogger made policy cool, a feat that bodes well for the future of blogging.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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