The World is My Tablet and This Paper is My Touchscreen

Engineers at Fujitso Laboratories have developed motion and graphics sensors that can detect texts and images on paper surfaces with 1 pixel accuracy. The technology means that gesture interface systems can leave your digital tablets for the real world.

Until now, gesturing has often been used to operate PCs and other devices. But with this interface, we’re not operating a PC, but touching actual objects directly, and combining them with ICT equipment.

The system is designed not to react when you make ordinary motions on a table. It can be operated when you point with one finger. What this means is, the system serves as an interface combining analog operations and digital devices.

We’re already seeing Google Glass and imitators create wearable electronics, but the gesture control scanning technology developed by Fujitsu could mean one device for all of your (previously) analog goods. You can use it to copy data from paper books or just effortlessly scanning your family photos. Fujitsu is aiming for a 2014 release so maybe it will put a stop to productions of expensive, ridiculously over-sized tablets we’ve been noticing.