The World’s First Transparent iPad Has a Double-Sided Touchscreen

This Grippity iPad appears a bit gimmicky at first, but if we are going to play games with our iPads, it’s going to be a spectacular gimmick, like a Sci-Fi movie accessory. The device is an ergonomic redesign of the tablet – it’s supposed to be comfortable enough for 8 hours of use while tactile enough to encourage 8 hours of use by all 10 of your handy digits. It’s perfect for gaming, and while you’re at it, a remote control, and perhaps even a light switch if you have smart appliances.

Grippity is a totally new way of looking at input – A transparent, dual sided multi-touch display that enables you to lean back in your most comfortable chair (or even stand or lie down) and use ALL TEN fingers, while keeping your palms at a neutral ergonomic posture. It also enables you to accurately touch (the back of) small menu items and buttons on websites and software that were originally designed for desktops. As Grippity is running Android, you can download or develop apps for your specific needs.

One very strange thing about the device is the transparency factor: it doesn’t appear to show content very well – at least, not the same kind of crispy clear photos you’re used to seeing on HD screens. So, if you’re more into content creation on the go, like typing on your mobile devices, then this is the perfect typing too for you. If you want to view videos and images, just stick with a regular tablet.

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