‘The Wrap’ Hits ‘Newser’ With a Cease and Desist

They’ve been threatening Newser for quite some time, but yesterday, lawyers for The Wrap finally sent a cease and desist letter to Patrick Spain, the CEO of Newser, demanding his site refrain from using The Wrap as a source ever again.

From the letter:

“We demand that Newser, LLC (“Newser”), and any agent or affiliate of Newser, immediately cease and desist using The Wrap as a source for Newser content. Newser is not following industry best practices, is intentionally misleading consumers/users at the expense of The Wrap and at the expense of other unnamed sources, and has effectually demonstrated no intention to allow consumers/users to logically and easily ascertain the source of Newser articles.”

Full text of the letter here.

The Wrap editor and founder Sharon Waxman explains her logic behind her site’s legal threat.

All we really want is for Newser to stop pissing on our leg and tell us it’s raining. Very simply: put in credit and links where they are missing. Add a Wrap homepage link to the source grid page. Make it simple and logical to get to actual Wrap content from that page.

Meanwhile, the folks at Techdirt agree that Newser is obnoxious, but don’t think The Wrap has much of a legal case.

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