‘The Wrap’ Runs a 3,300 Word ‘Excerpt’ from LA Observed*

LA Observed guest blogger David Cay Johnston’s piece on the “real legacy” of former LAPD chief Daryl Gates is making the rounds on the Interwebs right now — in some cases quite literally.

The Wrap appears to have posted Johnston’s piece virtually wholecloth: all but 800 words of the 4,300 word piece appear on their site, all the while burying the link to the original LA Observed post. They also gave Johnston a fancy banner with his picture on it.

Rightly so, LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick felt the need to call The Wrap out.

Given Sharon Waxman’s high-profile umbrage about rival site Newser not linking prominently enough to stuff at The Wrap, I had to laugh when her site excerpted Johnston’s piece – and buried the link to LA Observed as deep as physically possible. The reason sites push the ethical envelope is it works: Romenesko linked to The Wrap’s shorter, later version. Something to think about the next time Waxman complains.

Good thing Roderick is a nice guy. He’s being extremely generous calling The Wrap’s post an “excerpt.”

*Better late than never: The Wrap moved the LA Observed link to the top of their post.