Facebook Users Are The Stars In The Year Of You

The latest application to make movies out of users' Facebook content has arrived from down under.

First, there was Take This Lollipop. Then came Facebook’s own Timeline Movie Maker. Now, the latest application to make movies out of users’ Facebook content has arrived from down under.

Australian athletic and leisure clothing retailer Lorna Jane joined the social network’s movie-making fray with The Year of You, which casts users as runners, and taps into Facebook photos, friends, and status updates to showcase their greatest achievements of 2011 and motivate them to push even harder in 2012.

All three Facebook movie-making apps we’ve profiled have completely different purposes: Take This Lollipop is aimed at scaring Facebook users into rethinking how much of their information is available publicly; Timeline Movie Maker pushes the social network’s new profile design; and The Year of You is geared toward self-betterment.

Lorna Jane Founder and Creative Director Lorna Jane Clarkson said:

With the start of a new year comes an opportunity to create a new you, and the application is designed to be a fun way to motivate our customers to think about this. The new year is the best time to think about you and what you want from the year ahead, and this video application allows you to enjoy the highlights of your past year and plan for the next.

Readers: Have you used any of the three Facebook movie-making apps we’ve profiled, or any others?

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