‘The Zen of Steve Jobs’ Graphic Novel to be Released This Fall

With the impending release of Walter Isaacson‘s authorized Steve Jobs biography and the recent publication of former, lesser-known Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne‘s autobiography, you have more than enough reading material about this one specific technology company and the people behind it to last you through the whole autumn. However, now there’s one more to add to the pile. Forbes has released four new pages from the upcoming graphic novel, “The Zen of Steve Jobs,” written by the magazine’s own writers and illustrated and designed by the firm JESS3. Largely set in 1986 after Jobs had been removed from Apple by the company’s board and was starting to launch his own computer company NeXT, the novel “re-imagines Steveā€™s relationship with his friend and mentor, Kobun Chino Otogawa, a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist priest.” The magazine released the first four pages at the very start of September, with plans to print all eight in its upcoming Forbes 400 issue. The full book itself, set to be roughly 60-pages in length, doesn’t have a set release date, but the magazine reports that it will appear as a “digital release late this fall.”