EXCLUSIVE: Jess Cagle on the Launch of ‘The EW Interview’

It was somewhat unfortunate that all those media misinterpretations of comments made by Brad Pitt to Parade magazine about Jennifer Aniston hit the wire just a day before a September 16 announcement that the actor was the inaugural cover-story beneficiary of a new Entertainment Weekly feature called “The EW Interview.” However, FishbowlLA is pretty sure that in the long run, it is the latter conversation that will stand the test of time.

We got in touch with EW managing editor Jess Cagle via email to find out more about this intriguing new series. Although no one is yet set for a second installment, he says he hopes to share another before the year is out.

“A lot of celebrity profiles focus on a current project with a few personal details wedged in,” Cagle explains. “The EW Interview is really an in-depth discussion with a respected entertainer about his or her work–by a reporter who really knows their stuff. Along the way you get tremendous insight into the subject’s personality and life.”

EW executive editor Jeff Giles interviewed Pitt. They had met years before, they were comfortable with each other, they drank a lot of wine, they laughed a lot, and they talked in detail about nearly every one of Pitt’s films. Reading the interview, you watched Pitt grow up. Jeff respects him but could also tease him. These interviews have to have that kind of funny, smart, informative give and take.”

Ha ha, a lot of wine always helps. And, in this maddening world of 120-word-or-less TMZ blasts, a ten-page Pitt profile that involved hours of interviewing is always a welcome addition.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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