Music Quarterly Hopes to Channel the Spirit of ‘Studio Bums’

Syracuse couple want to put forth 'The First Magazine for Artistpreneurs.'

The proposed tagline for Studio Bums, a quarterly print magazine scheduled to roll out in 2016, is ‘The First Magazine for Artistpreneurs.’ Not bad.


Although Theodore Perry and Annaliese Artemis, the Syracuse, N.Y., couple pushing forward this enterprise, just canceled a Kickstarter campaign, they sound confident that the project – which also includes plans for branded studio merchandise – will pan out. (Per the illustration above, it started as a comic strip.)

From a piece in the Syracuse New Times:

“We had this realization,” Artemis says, “that all these magazines had the same people on the covers. Where’s the coverage? Where’s the exposure of new bands? Those same people aren’t the only ones making good music. That’s where the spark started. We’ve been brainstorming what we could do that’s different.”

Perry, a native of New York City, started DJ-ing at age 13 and was involved with a couple of websites on his resume that some may recognize – and His work with Erika Lovette earned a 2014 Syracuse Area Music Award (Sammy).

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