There’s a Petition for CNN to Fire Don Lemon

It's kind of surprising it took this long.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 9.00.58 AMPoor Don Lemon. It seems like only yesterday FishbowlNY was honoring him for thoroughly dominating 2014 in ways no reasonable person could imagine. Now, after yet another ridiculous moment on TV, a petition has emerged to have CNN fire Lemon.

The petition—which already has more than 30,000 signatures—was created after Lemon wanted to “know more” about a black girl getting assaulted by a white cop at her school. That, by the way, are all the details you need to know. Not Lemon. He questioned prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin about the incident, much to Hostin’s complete shock. Apparently Hostin was not familiar with Lemon’s work.

“We, the people, want a journalist and an anchor that will not be afraid to accept the facts that are occurring within the African-American community and who will encourage our people the same way that person will encourage others across the board,” explains the petition. “We, the people, have no confidence in Mr. Lemon’s ability to do that. Therefore, we are asking CNN to remove him from his position.”

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