There’s an App to Pay for Vending Machine Products (in China)

Developers all over the world have been taking Apple’s slogan “there’s an app for that” very seriously. The latest case in point comes from China where Ubox has apps for Android, iPhone and Java-based feature phones to provide mobile payment services for products in vending machines.

China Has an App For Vending Machine (Video) (

The app works like a debit card. People who want to use the service sign up for Ubox’s service and deposits funds into the account. Vending machines outfitted with Ubox’s Internet access service have identification numbers associated with them. This ID number is entered into the app and the person presses an orange button on the vending machine to begin the transaction process. The Ubox app’s iTunes product page indicates that using the app may provide a 10% discount. The Android app is not available through the Android Market. Instead, it is available as an APK file that is sideloaded into an Android phone.

Ubox for iPhone (iTunes China App Store)

Ubox Online (Ubox’s website)

Video courtesy of micgadget