There’s Plenty of Fish on Google+ — 42% of Users are Single [Infographic]

An overwhelming majority of Google+ users are men according to research by Website-Monitoring — 67%, in fact.  In addition, most G+ users live in Bangalore, most G+ users are students and the Google +1 Button is served more than 5 billion times a day.  For anybody who’s suspecting that G+ is just a passing fad, I’d recommend you think again.  Check out the infographic below for more information and a bit of analysis.

As I’ve noted before, Google+ has an advanced strategy that doesn’t only measure success by whether they are a popular social network — the shares are just as important.  I believe that Google is trying to enhance their SEO practice by incorporating Google+ factors into their results.  This has all sorts of interesting applications and in fact may see the entire SEO practice shift towards an ‘open word of mouth’ system.  Right now, it’s difficult to get word of mouth recommendations for websites in one centralized place (reddit does a good job, actually).

If that’s the case, looking at big brands with half a million followers on Google+ prove that this method would be very important to them in the future — I could envision Coca Cola and Pepsi battling to win Google+ followers to see who gets the top search result when someone searches “cola” or “pop”.  It may be that whoever has the most “+1″s on a post gets that top spot.  That’d certainly augment SEO: Google uses their special algorithm to analyze a link based on backlinks and relevance and then also looks at the link’s social sharing on Google+ (and other networks, if they open up).

In any case, take a look at the numbers below and let us know — do you think Google+ is on the up and up?