With These 2 New Products, YouTube Hopes to Make the Season Bright for Retailers

Connecting shoppers and stores

With the holiday shopping season on the horizon, YouTube is rolling out two products designed to help retailers. After testing a pair of shopping-based products with a few select companies, YouTube is making TrueView and shopping ads available to all retailers using Google AdWords.

TrueView campaigns consist of interactive video ads that allow users to clickthrough to online retailers' pages and add items to their shopping carts, while shopping ads pair retailers with relevant product review videos. YouTube says its TrueView campaigns work—internal analysis found that 57 percent of campaigns saw a lift in consideration, 24 percent saw a lift in favorability, and 35 percent of campaigns saw a lift in purchase intent.

"Video can be an incredibly powerful tool in creating demand for your products," said Diya Jolly, director, video ads product management, in a blog post. "So, over the past year, we've focused on creating tools on YouTube to help you connect the dots between inspiration and purchase."

Additionally, YouTube is offering a new way for retailers to set up their campaigns. At the beginning of the campaign creation process, companies can choose what action they want consumers to take—driving sales or app downloads, for instance, or just building brand awareness—and YouTube will tailor the campaign accordingly.


For app promotion, YouTube is also allowing companies to use target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding.