These 3 Tips Will Raise Your Klout Score — And Earn You Awesome Perks

SocialTimes talked with Adithya Rao, lead research engineer at Lithium/Klout, about what goes into a Klout Score and how people can improve theirs.

One of the main ways that many brands find influential users to surprise and delight is through Klout. Each user, upon registering for Klout, is given a Klout Score based on their activity on several social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

For brands, Klout is a great way to earn some word-of-mouth marketing. For people, it’s a way to be rewarded for being pretty awesome on social media.

So, if you’re not an influencer, how can you become one? SocialTimes talked with Adithya Rao, lead research engineer at Lithium/Klout, about what goes into a Klout Score and how people can improve theirs.

Klout recently shared the formula that makes up a Klout Score:


Rao talked about how the actions you (and your network) takes affects Klout Score:

It’s very much like real life. If you have something important to say and you find the right people to say it to, and you say it at the right time, that combination will make the people you are talking to take some action. Translating this into social media, it means you should share good content, share it at the right time and try to share it to people who are more influential than you.

Rao shared three key tips to improving your Klout Score, even if you don’t have President Obama or Kanye West in your social network.

1. Share quality content

While it may seem like a generic platitude, sharing quality content that matters to your social network is an easy way to get noticed by the more influential people in your network. This doesn’t mean that you have to create amazing content, but if there’s a news story or infographic you think will be well-received by your social network, share that.

2. Reach out to influential people

So, you don’t have someone like George Takei in your personal network. Not many people do. But you can look through Klout to see which friends have a bit more, well, clout. You can comment on their posts, share them, re-tweet them (but don’t do it obsessively). Basically, find a way to get more on the radar of the higher-ups.

If you’ve written a great blog post and you feel you have a good enough relationship with that influencer, you could also ask if they’d take a look at the content and consider sharing it, Rao noted:

Let’s say you’re interested in a certain topic. You can find experts in that topic. Let’s say I’m talking about machine learning, then I’m going to try to find experts on machine learning on social media and try to engage with them and have conversations with them. … Trying to engage with conversations with experts in certain domains is a great way to try to systematically improve your score.

3. Be active — but not hyperactive

While it’s great to be posting and engaging with influential people in your network, do so in a timely fashion. Post somewhat often, but don’t be that person sharing every story you see. If you’re too active on social, people may tune you out, leading to lower share rates, lower engagement and a lower chance at boosting that Klout Score.

Readers: How often do you check your Klout Score?

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