These 6 New Digital Stats Got Our Attention This Week

Instagram deletes fake accounts; plus an exclusive infographic

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The past week has been intriguing when it comes to marketing and other digitally-minded stats, and the following six items—as well as an exclusive infographic from Forrester Research—really caught our eye:

1. Social clean-up

Analytics player said that Instagram last month did major housecleaning to rid the site of fake accounts and/or bots. The two biggest losers, in terms of follower accounts, were social media star and poker player Dan Bilzerian—who is known for some NSFW posts—and Canadian actress Shay Mitchell.

Per, Bilzerian lost 375,364 in his follower count (currently at 19.3 million) during the cleanup, while Mitchell saw a 365,027 decrease in Instagram audience (which now stands at 14.3 million). 

2. Revenge of the nerds, indeed

Remember when it was cool to be creative? Well, a report from Mondo on Oct. 17 will show that chief technology officers now make more than marketing chiefs. The average salary range for CTOs is $140,000 to $241,000, while CMOs generally make $140,000 to $238,000. 

Meanwhile, Mondo found that ecommerce vice presidents' salaries range from $138,000 to $226,000. 

3. The kids are alright with Snapchat, Instagram

According to investment firm Piper Jaffray's new "Taking Stock With Teens" report, 80 percent of teens use Snapchat at least once a month, up from 74 percent in the fall of 2015. While 79 percent of teenagers said that they use Instagram once a month—an increase from 76 percent one year ago—the photo-sharing app's reach is slightly less than Snapchat.

Each app beats Facebook and Twitter. Read more about the study here.

4. 1.5 million POTUS pings

The White House said today that it will start using Facebook chat bots. The data point below—provided by White House chief digital officer Jason Goldman on Twitter—makes it easy to understand why. 

5. Trust issues

According to a study that identity protection company Janrain is putting out on Monday, 93 percent of consumers are concerned about how their social data is being shared and used.

6. Tech boom

According to a new Forrester Research study on business-to-business marketers, 45 percent of executives said they expect to increase their budget for technology over the next year.

Check out more of the researcher's work below in this infographic:


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