These Five Questions Will Help Create Your Ideal Job…

bad perf reviewAfter reading this post on BrazenCareerist saying the perfect job doesn’t exist but a great one does, we felt inspired.

This may sound simple but so many job seekers unfortunately stop introspection after making a list of their must-haves on their new jobs. After identifying non-negotiables, there’s another step to be accomplished. It can be quite fun and invigorating. After all, if you don’t define your dream day, who will do it for you?

The piece suggests asking yourself what a great day at work actually looks like.How do you want to spend your time?

What do you want to get from coworker relationships?

What type of environment energizes you?

What do you want from a boss?

How do you want your job to fit into your life? (Notice we didn’t say overtake it?)

Be honest with yourself. Keep it real and remember, you don’t have to share this list with anyone and you’re entitled to keep it flexible. What you want now may be different what you want a few months from now but unless you define precisely what you want, someone else will end up defining it for you.

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