These Were the Most Viewed and Searched Super Bowl Ads and Moments on YouTube

Verizon took the top spot

Verizon's ad honored first responders who have helped save the lives of NFL players. - Credit by Verizon
Headshot of Marty Swant

While CBS sold out its entire advertising inventory for the Super Bowl, it wasn’t the only platform that capitalized on the Big Game’s ads.

For YouTube’s annual AdBlitz program, the company once again released data about which ads and other moments were viewed on the streaming service’s platform.

Based on data after the game, viewership of the spots during the Super Bowl itself increased 58 percent over the total from 2018, while viewership on mobile devices increased 78 percent. According to Google, 42 percent of football fans watched Super Bowl 2019 ads on YouTube.

Searches for Super Bowl ads have tripled in the past two years, totaling 120 million since brands began uploading their spots to YouTube. (Last year alone, the company had 8 million views.)

However, the ads weren’t the only popular clips last night.

Maroon 5’s mediocre halftime performance still drove traffic to the band’s official channels, which peaked at 850,000 views per hour during the game. A surprise appearance from SpongeBob Squarepants also drove traffic to the beloved Nickelodeon character’s channels, which increased by 150 percent during the time he was on the bigger screen.

Along with a list of the top 10 ads, the search engine also of course released a list of the top Super Bowl-related searches. While the top question asked was about the lowest scoring Super Bowl (last night’s set a new low), the next three most common questions were related to Levine: “Is Adam Levine married?” “How old is Adam Levine?” “Who is Adam Levine’s wife?” (Apparently not everyone was turned off by his lackluster performance alongside rapper Travis Scott.)

Here were the 10 most viewed ads based on game day views:

  1. Verizon’s ad honoring first responders who have helped save the lives of 12 NFL stars.
  2. Amazon’s ad about its Alexa voice assistant.
  3. Jeep’s spot featuring a world-by-word score performed by OneRepublic.
  4. Hyundai’s ad that took people into an elevator with uncomfortable experiences on each floor.
  5. Microsoft’s continuation of its holiday campaign featuring its adaptive controller made specifically for disabled gamers.
  6. Marvel’s ad for the upcoming Avengers movie.
  7. Amazon Prime Video’s promotion for Hanna Season 1.
  8. Olay’s horror-theme skin care ad featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar, which took a nostalgic twist on the actress’s days as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  9. M&M’s Super Bowl teaser starring Christina Applegate.
  10. Budweiser’s ad showcasing how it uses wind-powered energy in its breweries along with the return of the brand’s clydesdale horses.

@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.