Helen Mirren Recalls ‘Geriatric’ James Bonds

The name is Old. James Old.

An actress renowned for her portrayals of the Queen had some choice words this morning for that guy on her majesty’s secret service.

During TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast event in New York, featured speaker Helen Mirren told site founder Sharon Waxman that Hollywood ageism is, well, as old as Tinseltown:

“T’was ever thus. We all sat there watching James Bond, as James Bond got more and more geriatric, and these girlfriends got younger and younger. So annoying.”

Mirren remains one of the most entertaining celebrity interviews. Among the many other power women at today’s event: Rachel Sklar, iHeartMedia CMO Gayle Troberman and Mount Everest climber Melissa Arnot. TheWrap contributor Jill Goldsmith has the rest of today’s highlights here.

P.S. Kudos to satire website mediamass.net for being ahead of today’s Mirren-TheWrap curve.

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