TheWrap Hiring Spree Continues With an Old, Familiar Name: Jeff Sneider

If you had told us 18 months ago that all four Hollywood trade publications would be flush in the spring of 2013 and raring to (still) go at each other, we would have laughed the way Nikki Finke does when someone brings up the name Jeff Sneider. But lo and behold, that is indeed the case, with the former Variety film reporter today tipping these unlikely scales.

Sneider has rejoined his old outlet TheWrap, moving to the same general geographical neighborhood that his former Variety editor Josh Dickey will soon be occupying for TMZ purposes. (Sneider back at TheWrap… Dickey at TMZ… OK, that may actually be more surprising than what we just referenced above.) From Sharon Waxman’s announcement:

“I once acknowledged that ‘second chances are rare in this business,’ and I’m grateful to TheWrap for believing in me and offering me this exciting opportunity,” Sneider said. “I’ve been impressed with how TheWrap has grown since I’ve been away and I look forward to returning to this top-notch team of entertainment journalists.”

At the very end of her piece, Waxman sneaks in the separate bombshell that executive editor Lisa Fung is on her way out the door. Next to someone figuring out where all this apparent new money is coming from, that may be the biggest up-for-grabs story at TheWrap right now for some enterprising full-time reporter. In the meantime, go get ’em Sneider! (He starts April 15.)

Photo courtesy: TheWrap

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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