Thieves Use Mystery Device to Open Cars

Long Beach, CA police officers have spotted a team of thieves stealing cars with a mysterious device. They are seeking the public’s help to identify the car thieves or the mysterious app.

You can watch the thefts in the video embedded above–here’s more from the police department:

In the video, two suspects are seen walking up to four different vehicles, two parked in the street, and two parked in the same driveway. Although they are not able to gain access to the vehicles in the street, they are able to access to the vehicles parked in the driveway after a handheld devices is manipulated causing the vehicles dome light to come on and the doors to unlock. Ayone who can identify the suspects depicted in the video, or has information regarding the burglaries is urged to contact LBPD Auto Theft Detective Joseph Starbird at (562) 570-7362.

One Reddit user suggested this solution: “If your keyless entry solution doesn’t use encryption or rolling passwords, all someone has to do is record it being used once and can repeat it. Or, the thieves could have proprietary information from the manufacturer.”